In early 2023, Burbank Housing acquired the 69-acre site known as the Elnoka Property located in east Santa Rosa. A truly unique opportunity, this tract of undeveloped land allows for residential development on an infill site located near existing infrastructure and services, making it a key housing opportunity site.

Consistent with Burbank’s continuing commitment to act collaboratively & transparently with the community, this page will be updated with new information throughout the development process.

Elnoka Community Update 

03-16-2023 Elnoka letter to the community

[Click here to open the letter in PDF format]

Prior Updates

01.11.2023 – Acquisition Press Release [click here to open]

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For information about prior efforts to develop the Elnoka site with residential housing, please visit the City of Santa Rosa’s landing page. [Click Here]

For more information on this project, or to leave any feedback, email Elnoka@burbankhousing.org.